Bin Alam City, Islamabad


Bin Alam Developers Pvt. Ltd. proudly announces a grand project in the outskirts of Pakistan’s capital city, Bin Alam City Islamabad. Its going to be magnificently bigger and grander than the Lahore project as its not just about a residential society anymore. Bin Alam City Islamabad is a city itself that will comprise of highly advanced, modern day facilities at a scale that the nation has never seen before.

Grand Magna - Clubs & Resorts

Pakistan has witnessed major leaps when it comes to modernized development. Projects like Gymkhana have proven to be huge milestones in the progression. Bin Alam Devleopers Pvt. Ltd. has a vision to take the country to new developmental heights and go beyond the present limits.

In order to achieve this goal, the company is proud to introduce the Grand Magna Club & Resorts. A mega project, first of its kind, being developed at a scale that the country has never witnessed before.

Located in the capital city, Islamabad, the Grand Magna Club & Resorts will be equipped with high-end, latest and highly advanced facilitations of accommodation, recreation, education, lifestyle and adventure. With the joint venture between Bin Alam Developers Pvt. Ltd. and international investing companies, this project shall attract huge investments and tourism to Pakistan. You have seen marquee chains, giant gymnasiums, safari parks and grand hotels but you haven’t seen them all together with a load of other international standard facilities. The Grand Magna Club & Resorts comprise of:


Bin Alam City, Islamabad is being built with the aim to provide next generation facilities and infrastructure to a land that is least developed. Bin Alam Developers Pvt. Ltd. is all about the future development and prosperity of the nation, and everyone should be able to get a piece of it.

To assure this, Bin Alam Developers Pvt. Ltd. introduces 7-Marla Capital Awami Villas, an extremely economical residential project for those who can’t afford the high priced elite accommodations. The project will comprise of 7 – Marla villas (One Thousand) with access to all the facilities of a modern lifestyle present at Bin Alam City, Islamabad.  Capital Awami Villas will have an up-gradation option as well, and the up-gradation shall be carried out under the expertise of the company itself. Your dreams of your own home amidst a highly-advanced and well-facilitated neighborhood will now come true at an unbelievably low price.