Property Expo 2018 – Titanium Sponsor Bin Alam City’s Property Expo 2018, was proudly sponsored by Bin Alam City. organized Property Expo 2018 on 10th & 11th Feb, 2018 where Bin Alam City was the Titanium sponsor and had the largest stall. The company successfully managed to pull-in a huge crowd and scored a generous number of on-spot bookings.

The event was a huge milestone for Bin Alam Developers Pvt. Ltd. and proved to be a major success in regards of on-spot bookings. The Staff, authorized dealers and management put their heads together and worked hard to achieve this. To facilitate the potential clients, Bin Alam Developers offered instant tour of Bin Alam City’s site. It was something that no other company thought of doing.

Interview of Mr. Nazim Alam, Property Expo 2018

Warda Khalid from interviewed Mr. Nazim Alam, C.E.O of Bin Alam City at Property Expo 2018, Lahore. Bin Alam City was the titanium sponsor of the event and the interview took place right before the Grand Lucky Draw by Bin Alam City.

Bin Alam City's Grand Lucky Draw at Property Expo 2018

Bin Alam City, the titanium sponsor of Property Expo 2018 Lahore, organized a Grand Lucky Draw. A total of 5 lucky winners were announced, each winner receiving a plot with ZERO down payment!