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About US

Company History and Overview

It all started in 1975, when Haji Muhammad Alam gained an opportunity to create a firm focused on providing quality engineering and development services. His vision continues to evolve as Bin Alam Group is now mother to Bin Alam Developers, Bin Alam Engineers and SAM Marketing Network.

Bin Alam is rare among top real estate developers in that it performs all of the construction on its own projects. With no competing interests, Bin Alam is free to work with visionary architects in collaborations that always put the firm’s desire to raise the bar for luxury developments, no matter what. The Bin Alam team is composed of professionals who specialize in residential, hospitality, and mixed-use projects and have impressive backgrounds in architecture, construction, design, and engineering as well as extensive experience in major projects in both Lahore and Islamabad.

Bin Alam Leadership

Muhammad Alam

Chairman – Bin Alam Group

Founder of Bin Alam Group, laid down the foundation of a firm focused on providing quality engineering and development services. He has been involved in all aspects of strategic planning and decision making at the top tier.

Azam Alam

Co-Chairman Bin Alam Group

Has been involved in all aspects of the development and construction of every project initiated by Bin Alam Group. He is also acting as the head of the steering committee of Bin Alam Group.

Nazim Alam

CEO – Bin Alam Developers

As Chief Executive Officer, NazimAlam oversees Capital, Development and Construction efforts for Bin Alam Developers. He is integral to the planning and execution of Bin Alam’s corporate strategy.

Kazim Alam

Director Marketing Bin Alam Developers & CEO - SAM Marketing

He is responsible for all Bin Alam Developers acquisition and development activities, and maintains involvement in all aspects of marketing, development, management and finance.

Kashif Alam

CEO – Bin Alam Engineers

He heads and leads the Bin Alam Engineers and is responsible for all the construction projects taking place under the banner of Bin Alam Engineers.

Asif Alam

Director Operation - Bin Alam Developers

As Director Operations of Bin Alam Developers, Asif Alam is responsible for the strategic oversight of Company’s Property Management, Asset Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Accounting departments.

Mission and Values