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Islamabad Pony Farms

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Islamabad Pony Farms

Experience the genius of Bin Alam Developers in Pony farms, Islamabad where you’ll be able to enjoy the wilderness and nature like never before. Bin Alam Developers is sure that you will get far more than you seek.

Islamabad Pony Farms comes in 3 categories, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal and 12 Kanal, best suited for your own needs and requirements. One of the finest multi-faceted location in Islamabad with the epitome of combined with excitement, growth and social aspects of Islamabad. Islamabad Pony Farms are going to be the perfect blend of recreation, natural beauty, income production and incredible future, higher and better use potential.

Like no other, Bin Alam Developers have introduced a professional Polo ground for its residents to enjoy one of the oldest sports in the world, Polo dates back at least 2,000 years, with the first recorded match being played between the Persians and Turkomans in 600BC.

As a corporate hospitality venue, a polo tournament has no equal. The genteel surroundings of a polo club, lunch in a beautiful marquee, all to the auditory backdrop of galloping hooves and the crack of a mallet on a ball. Bringing polo to the people is the ethos of Islamabad Pony Farms.

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